Mobilization and Demobilization Projects in The Middle of Atlantic


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While Hidramar Group keeps developing, our strategic location becomes more convenient to our Clients. Based in the middle of the Atlantic, this European archipelago offers the certainties and clear perspective for complex adequations projects that require certain vessels and rigs for successful projects executions.

The volcanic origin of the Canaries has given the advantage of deep bathymetry in all their Ports, well aware of the needs for deep waters piers for certain assets, this location is been considered for decades within the main O&G fields of the Region.


Mobilization and Demobilization services provided by Hidramar Shipyards & Tenerife Shipyards


We have yards on the 3 main Ports of the Canary Islands; in Gran Canaria, Las Palmas Port and, in Tenerife, Santa Cruz Port and new the build Granadilla Port on the south of the island. Hidramar Group has been delivering broad expertise for mobilization and demobilization projects on the crossroad of the Atlantic Ocean for the last decade.

Own engineering to carry out projects without matter its complexity from the very conception until the delivery. From 3D scanning and modeling, structural analysis to detailed engineering. We understand and match our Client’s requirements. Working all these years as per Class Societies standards, all together with our experienced project management, cost controlling and planners, along with our safety and quality staff, build a team to overcome any projects and deliver with all the certainties turn-key solutions.

Cutting edge machinery operated by our experienced engineers and technicians, ensures the best performance reducing time and transportations due to well-set fabrication yards. Rolling machine up to 140mm, CNC plasma cutting machines, welding booms, automated blasting units among others, differentiate our capabilities from any other fabrication yard in the West African Region.

winch mobilization at Tenerife Shipyards

Such fabrication facilities are allocated on free zone along our berthing lines, for customs clearance purposes means an ideal option for storing equipment before or after the installation. Also available, cranage capacities up to 1300 Tons upon request and locally up to 600 Tons. For those heavy loading installations and demobilizations, for trans pooling, cranage, stingers installations, or overhauls.

A- frame mobilization Tenerife Shipyards

Weather conditions in the Canaries allow us to work 24/7 all year round in open yard spaces, for big-scale fabrication projects. The humidity and temperature at this latitude allow us to perform on painting scopes without delays to allow guarantee the highest quality under the guidance of our Frosio painting inspector.

Welding inspector and certified welders with own procedures, from lower temperature metal-joining techniques such as brazing and soldering, added high tech precision machinery, give us the fact to fabricate or adapt any structures, frames or reinforcements. Same as for those pipeworks on diverse steels and alloys on the most price convenient bases compared with any other shipyards from Western Europe country.

Grillage Uploading Tenerife Shipyards

Hands-on jobs is been always a must for our Group, employing over 200 technicians in different specialties allows us to deliver any shipyards or fabrication services, committed to the delivery time and budget while engaging with our core values of safety and quality. Experienced hydraulic, mechanic, electrical, and automation services in-house personnel, open the doors of our well-equipped workshops to OEM´s integrating efforts to bring the most cost-effective option to our Clients while delivering accountability from their fabricators.

By request to deliver the same certainties we bring within our yards, Drilling Contractors have requested to deploy our staff offshore where the assets are operating. Developing after a decade, more than 50 engineers and technicians Bosiet certified on different specialties ready to be sent offshore, from hydraulics, mechanics, fitters, welders, painters, rope access among others. Same as for our project management staff experienced on the demands of such projects.
Containerized DNV certified workshops to support these specialties are ready to be deployed anywhere the assets require it. Same for scaffolding equipment and technicians who along our own IRATA Member unit allow safe access to any working area. This allows us to progress always considering not delaying the asset operations, avoiding downtimes of it.

As per our hydraulic background, is important to mention more than 30 years of experience and World-Class hydraulic workshops available to work either with or without fabricator according to owners demands. Recognized expertise on deck machinery and cranes installations for equipment overhauls troubleshooting and repairs.

After all this, Hidramar targets to become the preferred shipyard for mobilization and demobilization projects in the Atlantic Region. Operations Department from drillships, rigs, pipelayers, cable-layers, support vessels, dredges, pontoons find in the Canaries the perfect locations while the Technical Departments find in our inhouse strategy the key for success.

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