Tenerife Shipyards, the European Shipyard in the Mid-Atlantic, is proud to announce its recent certification in the EN ISO 3834-2 welding standard. This achievement confirms the company’s commitment to excellence in welding and quality control, and proves the ability to consistently deliver high-quality welded products to clients in the naval and industry sector.

EN ISO 3834-2 is a standard that defines the quality requirements for the welding of metallic materials, something that is crucial in the naval industry. In the case of Tenerife Shipyards, the scope of ISO 3834-2 certificate has been issued for procedures SAW (121), SMAW (111), FCAW(136), and MAG(135), for materials S275JR, S355JR, S355J2H, and Naval (NVA, NV A36, NV D36, NV E36). This standard apply to all stages of the welding process, providing guidelines for welding procedures, team qualifications, inspections and testing of welded materials.

By achieving certification in this standard, Tenerife Shipyards has proved that welding operations are carried out following the highest standards, with full adherence to quality control procedures, delivering the quality and safety our clients use to rely on.

With this certification, our clients can expect:

  • High-quality welding: EN ISO 3834-2 ensures that welding operations are carried out by a qualified team, with the appropriate training, skills, and experience. This means that the welding processes are of the highest quality, with consistent results.
  • Reliability: Welding is a critical process in many industries, and the quality of the welds can significantly impact the durability of the final product. With EN ISO 3834-2 certification, our clients can be confident that pieces fabricated at Tenerife Shipyards will meet their performance requirements.
  • Strict quality control: EN ISO 3834-2 requires strict quality control procedures. This ensures the peace of mind for our clients: any issue will be identified and corrected early in the process, reducing the risk of costly rework or product failures.
  • Compliance with industry standards: Many industries have specific requirements for welding and quality control, and EN ISO 3834-2 is recognized as a benchmark standard in many of these industries. By working with a certified company like Tenerife Shipyards, customers can be sure that their products will meet or exceed industry standards, and that they will be able to comply with any regulatory requirements.
  • Increased efficiency: By following strict quality control procedures, Tenerife Shipyards is able to optimize the procedures and reduce waste, resulting in increased efficiency and saving time for our clients.

Achieving the EN ISO 3834-2 certification is a significant step forward for Tenerife Shipyards, and a demonstration of our commitment to excellence in welding and quality control. An excellence in which our clients trust every day since the foundation of the Group in the late 1980’s.