Tenerife Shipyards belongs to Hidramar Group, a Spanish family-owned group of Shipyards in the Canary Islands.

Proud of our in-house resourcing strategy and constant investment in broader capabilities, the Group followed a steady development to position itself as a reference in the region for fabrication projects and technical services, related to the naval and energy sector.

Tenerife Shipyards management office and fabrication yard are located in the deepwater and well-sheltered port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, alongside the logistics terminal with waterfront access to shipyard operations.

Tenerife shipyards Project Management

what we do

Your partner of choice in West Africa & beyond for offshore fabrication and technical shipyard services.

As the requirements of the clients have challenged us during the last decades, we have expanded our facilities while developing in-house capabilities in order to order built to a qualified team to set our brand as the most efficient shipyard in the region.

Our expertise to deliver under the most demanding technical requirements and our client-oriented strategy have positioned the Group as a reference within the energy  industry

Our expertise is to manufacture outstanding equipment under demanding technical requirements.

Our value proposition 

  • The Group has more than 30 years of supporting the main Offshore and Drilling contractors.
  • Strategic location in the Canary Islands, unique infrastructure and capabilities placed on the 3 main Ports of the European archipelago; in order to deliver certainties on the crossroads that connects four continents.
  • A horizontal organizational chart for swift and efficient responses to our client’s demands
  • In-house resourcing strategy differentiates the group allowing us to ensure safe and quality delivery in all our projects at the allotted time.

Tenerife Shipyards Certified Management System Standards

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