CALM Bouy fabrication, repair, and refurbishment.

 BOP Hydraulic Accumulator package; Accumulator inspection and recertification, replace stainless tubing, and refurbish frame steelwork.
 Riser Gantry crane; provide technical mechanical and hydraulic support for the overhaul of the RGC lifting and traveling equipment, replace hydraulic tubing, flush system, commission and load test.

 BOP Transporter; Complete refurbishment of mechanical and hydraulic components of SKAGIT
 LMRP; Survey, manufacture, flush and install new co-flexip hoses on the Lower Marine Riser Package.

 Flare boom; Renew and replacement of around 210 meters of gas test well pipe.
 LP mud system; Overhaul and certify overboard dump valves.
 HP mud system; Carry out 30K pressure test after C&K manifold modifications for vendor.
 Riser tensioning system; Overhaul of four main riser tensioners (MRT ́s).
 Hydraulic system; carry out flushing to NAS6 of HPU ring main.

 Pipe handling; Supply technical assistance to NOV during the fingerboard and control tower overhaul.
 Pipe handling; Supply technical assistance to NOV during the overhaul of the pipe racking system.
 HP mud system; Supply technical assistance to TSC during the installation and commissioning of ABCO crash kits to the four national 14 –P-220 mud pumps.
 LP mud; Remove, refurbish, recertify the overboard dump valves.
 Pipe handling; supply technical assistance to AKER during the installation and commissioning of two new MH1899 iron roughnecks.

 Pressure testing; Calibration and recertification of chart recorders.
 Riser; Overhaul, testing and recertification of marine riser in partnership with Oil states.
 Riser; Overhaul, testing and recertification of slip joint with in partnership with Oil states.
 Sea trials jobs.

 HP mud; remove, inspect and refurbish and recertify the Choke and Kill line flex loops according to oil states procedures.
 HP mud; Carry out dimensional and NDT inspection of 7 gooseneck connections according to oil states inspection procedures and coat 3 coat epoxy system to oil states standard. Drill pipe inspection; Carry out cleaning and inspection and recertification of to 27 joints of 5 1⁄2” drill pipe tin accordance with DS1- Cat5 inspection procedures.
 Riser Conduit; Carry out dimensional and NDT inspection of adapter block inspection

 BOP elevator; Replace BOP elevator main lift cylinder.
Subsea; Provide technical assistance to subsea department to dismantle BOP.
 BOP; Pod Cylinder overhaul, refurbish BOP hydraulic cylinder, pressure test and recertify.
 LMRP rebuild; Carry out modifications to LMRP pipe spools, pressure test and flush clean.
 Hydraulic system; conduit block inspection, dimensional and NDT inspection, re-machining of flanges, hydrostatic pressure test and recertify.
 BOP; Dimensional and NDT inspection, skim flange faces, repair overlay of RTJ flanges ends, butt weld, pressure test and recertify choke and kill spools.
BOP; fabricate new bleed off line.
 Pressure testing; re calibrate and recertify chart recorders.
 Pressure testing; Install high pressure test line between moon pool and C&K manifold.

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