Hidramar Group bets on edge technology for subsea fabrication and offshore fabrication projects.

Hidramar Group’s fabrication división is being extended with the addition of 240.000m2 of fabrication yard capacity; several projects are under negotiation, the future looks promising for Hidramar Group’s fabrication division.


Subsea fabrication and offshore fabrication projects require the kind of technology to warranty our clients the best-manufactured product on the market.
In Hidramar Group, we are deeply committed to safely providing asses that our clients require to accomplish their offshore or subsea projects. Recently, we have unveiled an automated steel cutting shop that is already working for demanding clients such as NOV and SUBSEA7.



This automated shop is well equipped with state-of-the-art machinery that allows us to safely deliver projects like Turning bollards, offshore piles, assets for offshore energy like the Pivot buoy for X1 Wind, SKIDS modules, piping fabrication, and integration; currently, our team is working on the fabrication of a power buoy.


Power Buoy
The company has an extensive track record in the oil & gas and Renewable markets with the development of projects of high complexity and larger scopes. 

The commercial team is currently working on negotiations for new projects that will take place at our facilities in the next quarter.

Machinery available:

126 Tons, 15 meters gantry crane
Welding Column
140mm cold rolling machine
CNC plates plasma cutting machine
CNC profiles plasma cutting machine
CNC pipes plasma cutting machine
Automatic line for blasting and priming for sheets and beams
Magnetic Spreader 15 Tons
Self-Propelled Trolley x2